On the map!

Hello, my name's Cait.


I'm a young, creative professional living in the heartland of America. I'm going to school to earn my Masters in Tourism - it is, in fact, as awesome as it sounds. Everyday is an adventure with my grad student husband, stubborn pug, and endearingly mean old cat. Together we love traveling, cooking, and design.

We're trying to build a life to hang our hats on. 

I created this blog  in 2012 to hold myself accountable to my  25 x 25  goals. In the last three years it's become a record of my life and travels at home and abroad. The name, Champaign Toast, is a nod to the city we call home and a gentle reminder to celebrate all the little things in life.

If you are reading this, thanks for stopping by – here’s to you.