A handmade Christmas

Way back in May, I posted about our family's Christmas resolution to purchase only handmade, local, or second hand gifts. I did a decent job of planning and collecting in the intervening months, but ended up packing almost all of my crafting into a few short days last weekend (like I was cramming for a final, only it was fun!). I'm pleased to say that I managed to knock everything off my list and I sent off not only a stack of Christmas postcards to jump start our holiday card tradition, but also several large boxes full of presents I lovingly crafted for my family. The presents have been opened and I can finally share some of my favorite crafts on the blog.

PostcardsPostcards: cut, addressed, and stamped - ready for the post!

SA set of Scrabble Coasters for my cousin - a lexophile if ever I met one. Made using vintage tiles and this tutorial.

SOne of three handmade birthday crowns. I followed my tutorial for a pug birthday crown, but instead of adding elastic, I stitched on some velcro for an adjustable fit. I also embellished each crown with a special detail.

SHandmade blank cards using thrifted paper and twine.

SEdible treats - Nutella White Chocolate Truffles (A Beautiful Mess) and Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies (Martha Stewart) in reusable glass jars.

SAnd one of the only gifts I didn't make myself. I purchased vintage wool yarn and commissioned a very talented friend to make this one-of-a-kind pair of mittens for my mom. They are so gorgeous in person - a true work of art.