Out with the old, in with the new

Fridge that is. After just 3 months of living in our new apartment, our fridge (which has lived here MUCH longer) kicked the bucket. It didn't go quietly. Two days of a terrible buzzing and occasional rumbling warned that the end was coming. As the death rattle grew louder, the cooling unit stopped working in the fridge, not the freezer. We had to toss some food but were able to pack most of the expensive dairy and meat into our mini fridge.

I'll spare you the gory details in words, and give it to you in photos. You may recall that our stairs are a mover's nightmare. We lost a beautiful executive desk to those narrow, steep stairs, so Adam and I knew that getting the broken fridge out of the apartment and the new fridge back in would be a true feat of strength and character.

Enter our landlords - who may be the best landlords ever. Here's why:

  1. They happened to have a fridge that was only a year old in the basement of our house "just in case" the one that came with the house when they bought it kicked the bucket.
  2. They brought over all of their coolers to help me keep our food from going bad during the transition and helped me pack our food into the coolers.
  3. They did all of the work. Seriously. From removing the fridge doors (and our front door) to calling in the big guns to move the heavy units up and down stairs to breaking out the rag and cleaning the floor and walls behind the old fridge - they would not let me lift a finger. Hence my ability to Insta-gram the whole thing.
  4. They built us a compost bin, just because they knew it was important to me. (Off track, but still awesome).

In sum, we lost an old fridge and a few leftovers/produce items, but we gained a new fridge (that doesn't make a maddening buzzing noise!) and a solid appreciation for just how responsive and helpful our landlords are. I consider that a net positive.