Dreaming of a fun, modern living room


I enjoyed making the inspiration board for my mini-office so much that I wanted to make one for the living room and bedroom as well. Up next: The living room!

Living Room from Oil Painting

Sofa. Rug. Painting. Lamp Shade. Paint Color.

This living room is based around two key features – the dark grey sofa with chaise lounge (I’ve been looking at various versions of it for two years now) and the gorgeous original oil painting. We won’t be spending $100 on the amazing piece featured in the mood board because we actually purchased an oil painting that is an abstract city in the same color palette at a yard sale for $10 in April. It’s one of the first pieces of art that Adam and I have purchased together and one of the only original pieces we own.

Another key element in the design is that blue column lamp. The version in the collage is crystal and is selling at auction for $300(!). I fell in love with a metal version that is very similar at an Estate Sale two years ago, snagged it for $8 and rewired it to make it safe.

We had very light blue walls in our last living room and I really liked them, but I want something different for this space. The current wall-color is a little suffocating (perhaps because the ceiling is also pea/lime green) so we are hoping to lighten up the room with Benjamin Moore’s Moonshine (the same color favored by Sherry and John of Young House Love).

The green doesn't come through very well in the photo above - it is much more acidic in real life.

In addition to versions of the items in the mood board, we’ll also incorporate two Verona book shelves and a matching television stand that we purchased with wedding money from World Market. My aspiring professor has a lot of literature – it doesn’t even all fit on these giant shelves!

There’s a lot of hard angles in our existing furniture and the modern sofa, so I think that a round side table in white or a bright color could bring some fun contrast – we’ll see what this year’s yard sales turn up. I'm loving the ceramic garden stools that have popped up all over the web, but don't love the price tags on most of them.

I hope to DIY a few projects in this room and am especially excited to try my hand at the gold chevron lamp shade (originally from Target, no longer available). I will probably also make the throw pillows myself - I have the hardest time shelling out $30+ each for pillows.

Adam, the furbabies and I are seriously missing having a sofa (we left ours with a friend down south), so here’s hoping this room starts to come together soon!